Welcome to Sven-Arne and Karin Floryd!

This homesite is mostly in swedish.
This isn't suprising since swedish happen to be our mother tongue.
If you ask us we will probably be able to translate it but we wait until anyone asks us.

Karin writes a diary every day, Dagboken.
It contains sometimes pictures and some of them could be worth looking at.
If you want to translate single words in the text we suggest you use this dictionary. We have looked for Babelfish or something like it but swedish seem to be too complicated and unusual.
If you find a cyberway of translating it - please let us know!

Sven-Arne takes a photo of the day, Dagens bild.

A photo says more than 1000 words, they say.
So especially for our foreign readers we recommend these pages:
Fotoalbum, Tisdagstema (tuesday theme), Foto i timmen (a photo per hour) and Månadsbild (Monthly picture). All of these pages contain pictures.

If you sign our guestbook, Gästbok, we would be mostly honoured.

Recently we´ve come home from a trip to Italy.
The pictures and story can now be found under Dagens Bild and Dagboken.
Look for days 1-15 september.
The diary from Italy is now avaliable in english.